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Health Insurance 101

20 February 2014

Where to Find Free Insurance Agents in Canoga Park

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Where to Find Free Insurance Agents in Canoga Park

Canoga Park has one of the highest rates of “young invincibles” (age 19-34) in Los Angeles (over 30%): a key demographic for Covered California health insurance agents. By enrolling young people, who are generally healthier and use less healthcare resources, insurance costs stay relatively cheap under Obamacare.

Canoga Park's need for coverage is why Haronian Insurance relocated to the hometown of Breaking Bad actor, Bryan Cranston. If only Walter White lived long enough to see Obamacare premium assistance, which makes insurance cheaper for those who qualify.

  Our office is located down the street from the Topanga Plaza-Westfield Topanga Mall, which is set to merge with Woodland Hills Promenade-Westfield Promenade to become the largest mall on the west coast. If we’re lucky, we’ll be swallowed in the process and placed next to an Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

Okay, by the mall’s comparison, maybe our building isn’t that noticeable. However it does sport a giant “Got Obamacare?” banner on what resembles a health insurance fortress.

    Despite the intimidating exterior, inside our office each agent is Covered California certified, which means they work on the state's behalf to enroll you for free in person or by phone. Unlike Covered California's call centers, there's no wait time. 

    Canoga Park is a diverse city, comprised of 50% Latinos, 30% whites, 10% Asians, and 10% miscellaneous (from the small island of Miscellania). Under our roof each of our staff members is bilingual, making it easier to enroll you in health insurance if you speak in Farsi, Spanish, English, Tagalog, or sign language. Best of all, our services are free, i.e. no dinero.

    Want more information on Covered California, Obamacare, or healthcare reform? Just visit the beautiful Canoga Park and look for the leafless palm tree behind our building. If you lack vision insurance and can’t see, just listen for the rooster crow from the neighbors’ rustic abode. It’s saying, "Cock-A-Doodle-Doooooyouhaveinsurance?"

14 November 2013

Get Obamacare Without the Website

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  Haronian Insurance is one of a handful of Covered California Certified Agents in the San Fernando Valley as covered by Channel 4 News Los Angeles earlier in October. 

  Our insurance agency is proud to offer business insurance in Canoga Park and all over California as well as individual and family plans through the state exchange and private insurance carriers.

   You can find us in Canoga Park on your way to the Westfield Mall just off of Topanga Canyon Blvd and Valerio St. Save some money for Black Friday by checking if you qualify for premium assistance under Obamacare. And pick me up a Wii U on your way over. Or just call. It's probably easier for you to enroll by phone.

   Contrary to popular belief, agents are enrolling without, the infamous website giving the Affordable Care Act a bad rap. The president might be apologizing every other week, but we're not sorry if you're saving money with us.

   Ask us how you can get cheap insurance with 10 essential benefits in 3 steps. All we need is your income, age, and zip code to get you started. 


  If you chose to call us....




06 August 2013

Pets Will Help Fund Obamacare, Pet Insurance Not Mandated

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Pets Will Help Fund Obamacare, Pet Insurance Not Mandated

    Contrary to the self-proclaimed "World's Only Reliable News" site, Weekly World News, your pets are not mandated to have pet insurance under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Another false alarm is located in the top right-hand corner of their homepage: the news that aliens are coming so you should subscribe to their newsletter. 

No it's not an alien. Behold: Gizmo, the polydactyly Siamese. With claw polish.

    For clarification, Obamacare mandates every human buy health insurance or pay a tax called a shared responsibility payment. Well that sounds nice! Wonder how your pets feel about healthcare reform and being left out of the law's consideration? According to poll after poll, pets probably understand Obamacare as well as most humans.

    Dogs who sense natural disasters often run for the hills (unless it's an avalanche) and with the biggest changes to healthcare just 8 weeks away, one would think there'd be a lot less dogs around. Insurance marketplaces start open enrollment on October 1st, 2013 and while political animals (mainly Republican opponents) believe the sky will fall, state auditors show they're on track to open in time.

    These marketplaces will sell health insurance plans for anyone who doesn't already get affordable coverage at work. Small business owners with 50 employees or less, although not mandated to cover workers, may also shop around for  group plans through the SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program), a part of the marketplaces. Covered California recently revealed the rates for individual, family, and small business insurance plans, muzzling critics  who believed they would cost Americans way more money. The average prices of middle tier "Silver plans" are between 29% less and a mere 2% more than average comparable plans today.

    While pet insurance isn't mandated by Obamacare, there are connections between the two. Medical devices used by animals exclusively aren't taxed. Those considered by the FDA as "duel devices", which are used by humans and animals, e.g.: examination gloves, anesthesia machines, syringes, will be taxed at 2.3% to help fund Obamacare.

    The truth is out there....

18 May 2013

Can I Opt-Out of Obamacare?

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Can I Opt-Out of Obamacare?

    Did President Obama really give permission for Americans to opt-out of Obamacare? Way back in 2009, before Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) passed, the President spoke to the American Medical Association and uttered these famous words, "If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period." Is that true 4 years later, as Obamacare's biggest regulations start up just in a few months time (watch out for Covered California, Los Angeles).

    Essentially Obamacare mandates that every American must have health insurance coverage through 2014 or pay an annual tax. There is a lot of confusion over that mandate, especially since on October 1st, 2013 one of Obamacare's requirements is each state open its own "Exchange", allowing anyone to purchase affordable, quality healthcare through the service, which of course in this day and age, will primarily be online. What the president meant 4 years ago is that if you already have a health insurance plan, you don't need to drop it and jump on board his Obamacare/Exchange/health insurance plans/whatever you want to call them.

    But there's more to it. Obamacare promotes Essential Health Benefits (EHBs), which means the health insurance plans offered by the Exchange must meet quality standards. Similarly, they must fit into one of 4 metal tiers (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze) that breaks down each plan into different Actuarial Values (AVs). AVs are the percentages of cost that each plan must cover, which leaves the remaining percentage for the consumer to pay. For Platinum plans, the insurer covers 90 percent of costs and the consumer pays for the remaining 10 percent. Gold plans are 80/20, Silver are 70/30. Bronze plans are 60/40, also the minimum value that any plan may be.

    What does it all mean? Obamacare's Exchanges will offer new health insurance plans October 1st, 2013. See them and don't like them? You can keep the plan you have. The President wants to incentivize Americans into enrolling in the Exchange, because most don't know this, but if one qualifies for subsidies (tax credits) and buys health insurance through the Exchange, those tax credits will automatically slash premiums, making health insurance even more affordable.

    While the calendar pages cascade from our walls, what many don't realize is that Obamacare regulations have been in effect for the past 3 years. The cover photo of today's article shows the date President Obama(care) signed the bill into law. As required by law, all healthcare plans now cover recommended preventive services at no additional cost, including copays or deductibles. That's a huge victory for kids who need vaccines, for example. Speaking of kids, parents can keep their children on their healthcare plans up to age 26 now, thanks to Obamacare. And no one under age 19 can be declined health insurance for having preexisting conditions, until 2014, when no one of any age can be declined health insurance for preexisting conditions. Period.

    Want more information on health insurance? Live in Los Angeles or California and have questions about our Exchange, Covered California? Feel free to call 855 BUY HEALTH or 818.784.7047! Just want a free quote - then click below.

17 May 2013

Does Obamacare REALLY hurt small businesses?

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Does Obamacare REALLY hurt small businesses?

   Republicans will have a new strategy to repeal Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) after today, which marks the 37th attempt the GOP-led House of Representatives voted to repeal the historic health insurance law in some form or another. But before they share their plan they'll resurrect Albert Einstein and make him redefine insanity. Einstein's definition of insanity: "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" might reverberate with Republicans on Repeal Attempt #40 (also a sunscreen). 

    Not surprisingly, the entire Republican side voted "Yea" to repeal Obamacare (227 votes) in its entirety. This is the 3rd time they target the law as a whole. The other 34 times they were nitpicking Obamacare regulations. But before today's sideshow even started, (R) Speaker of the House John Boehner waved his job pamphlet and defended the repeal, stating, "Jobs is what this is all about." In his eyes, Obamacare should be repealed because it hurts small business owners looking to hire. Is he right? Well, on the political spectrum he's right (conservative).

    Want the answer? Look at Massachusetts, whose Republican Governor at the time and former Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, passed a state-wide healthcare law similar to Obamacare. It mandated businesses offer affordable health insurance to their employees or pay a penalty. Not long after passing, between 2009 and 2010, the number of small businesses who covered their employees jumped from 70 to 77 percent. Seemed to have the opposite effect of Boehner's nightmare scenario.

    To really drive a stake through the heart of Republican rhetoric, in an independent test, Urban Institute modeled scenarios as if Obamacare laws were fully in effect last year. Small businesses of under 100 employees who covered employees saw a cost reduction of 7.3 percent for each individual and 1.4 percent overall. How? Tax credits (subsidies) offset the prices for health insurance premiums for low wage workers and small businesses.

    To deflect unwanted affiliation, Republicans have updated their time travel plans: go back in time and repeal Romneycare 37 times.

    Have questions about healthcare reform? Want to know if you qualify for health insurance tax credits? Call 855.251.5000 or click below for a free quote!