Vision Insurance

What is vision insurance?

Vision insurance covers the costs of eye care, including annual eye exams, prescription lenses and frames, and sometimes even more advanced eye health procedures like LASIK eye surgery. Just like dental insurance, California vision insurance is an important supplement to your medical insurance policy. Most vision plans cover a wide variety of preventive services offered by optometrists, along with coverage for extensive procedures offered by ophthalmologists. Vision insurance is often accepted at a wide variety of offices as part of their compensation plan.

Why do I need vision insurance?

It’s important to have annual eye exams, just like it’s important to have annual physicals or semi-annual dental visits. This is especially important as we age, and once past age 40, eye exams once a year become crucial in monitoring and preventing serious vision conditions like myopia, glaucoma, and macular degeneration – most of which are age related. Annual exams and regular prescription lenses or frames can be a burden on the family budget. By lowering those costs with a monthly insurance premium, you can better integrate vision into your family budget, saving you money and headaches.

The correlation between age and vision

Many serious vision-related issues occur because of age. As we get older, our vision naturally weakens. This phenomenon is known as presbyopia. This means that most people will need some sort of assistance from eye care professionals at some point in their lifetime. Rather than wait for that moment to happen, it’s better to be protected at all times in case of an emergency. You can do that with the right vision insurance, and our team of insurance brokers can help you find the vision plan that’s right for you and your family.

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