Student Health Insurance

Students have unique needs and concerns when it comes to finding affordable health care coverage – and that especially goes for out-of-state students and international students. While many students may be covered under their parents’ health coverage back home, not all policies cover health issues that happen abroad. Or, if your family’s policy does have out of area coverage, chances are the coverage is slim and you may be forced to seek care from an out-of-network provider, further raising costs. Student insurance or International Student Insurance (ISI) can help to offset this cost.

ISI is a unique coverage option that can help jet setting students get quality, affordable health care no matter where in the world they plan on studying. This dynamic solution often far exceeds the minimum requirements of schools or local governments for health care options. The ISI would cover students who became sick or injured in certain parts of the world as outlined in their unique policy. Most ISI’s come with a wide network of physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies the students can visit to receive their care. The result is better access to student health care away from home.

As a parent, an important practice to consider while helping your student select a school to attend is to also help your student select a student health insurance plan to cover health costs in case something happens. Don’t rely on your coverage alone to help. You can start by entering your student’s personal information to search various carriers and coverage options. We recommend scheduling a consultation where you and your student can have your questions answered and your concerns addressed by one of our helpful, friendly, and experienced health insurance brokers. Just pick up and the phone and call, or email us today to get started helping plan your student’s healthy and protected future.