Home Insurance

If you’re looking to a buy a new home, you’re going to need quotes on home insurance. Home insurance covers a wide variety of aspects of being a homeowner, not to mention the home itself. Home insurance is vital to being a homeowner because you never know when something terrible could happen to your family’s home. This could include fire, water damage, or theft – which are very common homeowner’s insurance claims.

Supplemental insurance to your home insurance, such as earthquake and flood, may be recommended to you by our insurance brokers based on where you live and what your needs are. Similar to life and health insurance plans, a home goes through a vigorous inspection by an insurance carrier’s underwriting team to determine if the home can be insured by them. Just like a health plan, your home has to qualify. Some reasons your home may not qualify may include living too close to a designated brush or mudslide area. These homes are more expensive to insure and some companies may not take them on.

In addition to the home itself, your home insurance can also cover your belongings and valuables, and your home insurance also protects you against liability issues that could happen on your property, such as when a guest slips and falls or when a family pet attacks a guest on your property. With such a full package of protection, home insurance is a must.

If you own a condo or rent an apartment, we can provide you with unique home coverage designed for your living arrangement. We can provide condo insurance which covers the interior structure (your HOA should have coverage for the exterior), and for renters we can offer coverage for belongings and liability.

No matter what your needs, we can help. Even if you have owned the same home for years and have had the same insurance. Have you looked at your declarations page lately? A good idea is to located your declarations page, then contact our brokers to go over your coverage and determine if you need any adjustments. Try it today.