Group Health Insurance

Whether you run a small company of a few employees or a large corporation with a workforce larger than 50, you should consider group health insurance as part of your fringe benefits and compensation package. Some employers are concerned about the cost of group health insurance. But with the help of our insurance brokers, we can show you how group health insurance can not only be affordable for you and your employees; you and your employees can also receive huge benefits as a result of having group health insurance.

Having California group health insurance benefits you and your employees financially. That’s due to the tax benefits you and your employees can enjoy by having the insurance. Your employees can benefit from receiving untaxed compensation they can use to pay their portion of health insurance premiums (usually through HRAs or HSAs) and you’ll benefit from tax savings simply by offering coverage. A little tax savings in an effort to help keep employees healthy can go a long way.

Similarly, having group health insurance can help benefit the health of your employees, which ultimately can lead to improved productivity and healthier, happier workforce. How is this possible? Thanks to recent health trends, many health insurance carriers provide online tools, calorie counters, updated information on weight loss and exercise, and even help employers start healthy workforce programs. The idea of this positive trend to be preventive and catch health issues early on, before they become major issues and cause strain on health insurance premiums.

So let us help you enjoy little tax savings while helping your employees get to better health. Start by browsing available group health plans. Then, call us to speak to one of our group health insurance brokers to get better acquainted with your customized group health options. We look forward to helping you and your employees.