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11 July 2014

Your Old Cell Phone Can Now Detect Illegal Logging in Rainforests

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Your Old Cell Phone Can Now Detect Illegal Logging in Rainforests

I've never known what to do with my old cell phone so I still have all 4. Anyone want a pink Razr? Americans throw away 150 million cell phones each year, but now they serve a purpose under Rainforest Connection, a Kickstarter campaign that turns old phones into rainforest surveillance equipment to catch illegal loggers.

What Captain Planet never told you was deforestation emits more carbon pollutants than the world's plane, train, and automobile transportation combined.

In Los Angeles, where cell phones cause train accidents and plane and automobiles cause air pollution-related illnesses that cost California $200 million annually, donating phones to fight pollution is a no brainer and could save lives; human and monkey-kind alike.

If Obamacare subsidies helped you save some money on health insurance, you might want to contribute to the Rainforest Connection's kickstarter campaign goal of $100,000. The funds will be spent on collecting, building, and installing mobile devices for rainforest surveillance.

Rainforest Connection (RFCx) devices are amalgamated cell phones placed on trees that utilize the microphone to detect chainsaws sounds nearby. The devices are solar powered and even work under tree canopies. They send distress signals to local enforcement agents who can quickly appear on the scene and investigate, saving the trees and the residing kookaburras.

An international organization funded by 1% of Norway's GDP, Project Leaf (Law Enforcement Assistance of Forests), combats illegal logging by aerial and satellite surveillance equipment, but not in real time. When investigators finally arrive on the scene, the illegal loggers are long gone by days, sometimes weeks.

Camera traps are the closest in similarity to RFCx devices but pale in comparison. Outdated devices cost $500-800 each and only detect illegal loggers within 100 sq feet. For the same price or less, RFCx devices would cover 1 square mile.

One square mile of rainforest deals with 50 tons of carbon pollutants per year - the same amount of pollution made by 3000 cars annually otherwise known as Los Angeles's rush hour. One RFCx device would prevent that amount of carbon from escaping in the first place.

Before it's too late (Kickstarter goal ends in 18 days), donate to Rainforest Connection to curb carbon pollution, which will help reduce air pollution-related illnesses worldwide not to mention assist the Planeteers, which is every child's dream besides owning the latest iPhone.

Go, Planet!