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20 February 2014

Where to Find Free Insurance Agents in Canoga Park

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Where to Find Free Insurance Agents in Canoga Park

Canoga Park has one of the highest rates of “young invincibles” (age 19-34) in Los Angeles (over 30%): a key demographic for Covered California health insurance agents. By enrolling young people, who are generally healthier and use less healthcare resources, insurance costs stay relatively cheap under Obamacare.

Canoga Park's need for coverage is why Haronian Insurance relocated to the hometown of Breaking Bad actor, Bryan Cranston. If only Walter White lived long enough to see Obamacare premium assistance, which makes insurance cheaper for those who qualify.

  Our office is located down the street from the Topanga Plaza-Westfield Topanga Mall, which is set to merge with Woodland Hills Promenade-Westfield Promenade to become the largest mall on the west coast. If we’re lucky, we’ll be swallowed in the process and placed next to an Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

Okay, by the mall’s comparison, maybe our building isn’t that noticeable. However it does sport a giant “Got Obamacare?” banner on what resembles a health insurance fortress.

    Despite the intimidating exterior, inside our office each agent is Covered California certified, which means they work on the state's behalf to enroll you for free in person or by phone. Unlike Covered California's call centers, there's no wait time. 

    Canoga Park is a diverse city, comprised of 50% Latinos, 30% whites, 10% Asians, and 10% miscellaneous (from the small island of Miscellania). Under our roof each of our staff members is bilingual, making it easier to enroll you in health insurance if you speak in Farsi, Spanish, English, Tagalog, or sign language. Best of all, our services are free, i.e. no dinero.

    Want more information on Covered California, Obamacare, or healthcare reform? Just visit the beautiful Canoga Park and look for the leafless palm tree behind our building. If you lack vision insurance and can’t see, just listen for the rooster crow from the neighbors’ rustic abode. It’s saying, "Cock-A-Doodle-Doooooyouhaveinsurance?"