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11 February 2013

Under Obamacare: Can I get insurance if I have a preexisting condition?

Posted in Individual Health Insurance

    If you and a complete stranger stood side by side, how many differences would you have? Did you know that 1 in 2 Americans receive government assistance? How about every other American whose marriage ends in divorce? And that over half of Americans believe medical marijuana should be legalized?

    Another shocking statistic brought to you by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):  50 percent of non-elderly Americans have some type of preexisting health condition.  Up to 1 in 5 non-elderly Americans with a preexisting condition — 25 million individuals — is uninsured.

    If you’ve ever felt a lump, seen a mole, or had an ache that sent you to WebMD to search through paranoia-induced symptoms or deviant behaviors, you’re not alone. Beginning in 2010, children with preexisting conditions are protected from such discriminatory actions by Affordable Care Act (ACA, “Obamacare”). And by 2014, insurers will no longer be allowed to limit coverage, charge higher premiums, or deny coverage altogether for American adults who have preexisting conditions.

    Also beginning in 2014 will be state-run insurance marketplaces (“Exchanges). Not only will the marketplace encourage competitive (lower) prices from insurers, but the government will provide subsidies (tax credits) to qualifying individuals and families in order to help pay for their premiums.  

    If you think you may qualify, please check out this subsidy calculator. For next year, don’t let naïveté be a preexisting condition!