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27 June 2013

Timeline of Insurance Rights for LGBT in California

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Timeline of Insurance Rights for LGBT in California



February 21st -

Disability Compensation for Domestic Partners (SB 1661)

  • The family state disability program may provide up to 6 weeks of disability compensation for lost wages to individuals who leave work to care for a sick domestic partner.




February 12th - March 14th -

San Francisco Issues Same Sex Marriage Licenses

  • Mayor Gavin Newsom, inspired by recently-legalized same sex marriage in Massachusetts, issues 4,000 gay couples marriage licenses, believing the state constitution granted him such power.


February 18th -

The California Insurance Equality Act (AB 2208)

  • All health insurance plans in California must treat spouses and domestic partners equally.




June 16th -

Gay Marriage Legalized in California

  • For a 5-month window, same sex marriage is legalized.


November 5th -

Proposition 8 PASSED

  • A state constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage passes with a 52% majority by public vote.




May 20th -

Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

  • Same sex spouses are taxed unequally to heterosexual spouses.


July 1st -

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program

  • Same sex domestic partners of federal employees are entitled to the same long term care insurance as spouses of federal employees.


July 2nd -

Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

  • Children of federal employees or of the same sex domestic partner of a federal employee are entitled to the same benefits, including vision and dental insurance.


September 30th -

Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Domestic Partners (AB 2055)

  • Domestic partners are treated equally as spouses to entitled unemployment benefits.




September 1st -

Insurance Non-Discrimination Act (SB 757)

  • All insurance plans issued in California must grant equal coverage to domestic partners as spouses, even if the insurance company works or discriminates against domestic partners in other states.



June 26th -

Defense Of Marriage Act REPEALED

  • Same sex spouses are treated equally in the federal tax code, federal insurance policies, and military insurance policies as heterosexual spouses.


June 26th -

Proposition 8 OVERTURNED

  • Supreme Court refuses to hear an appeal from gay marriage opponents. Gay marriage legalized in California (again).