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23 October 2014

Obamacare Poll Shows Karl Rove is Bad With Numbers

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Obamacare Poll Shows Karl Rove is Bad With Numbers

Karl Rove is bad with numbers. The man named "Bush's Brain" seemed to have just that as he gloated over the wrong Obamacare poll results in his Wall Street Journal op-ed

The ex-Deputy Chief of Staff to W. Bush claimed Gallup's poll on October 2 showed 54% of Americans believe the healthcare law negatively affected them. That's compared to 27% who believe it helped. He completely jumbled the numbers. 

The actual poll revealed 54% of Americans said the Affordable Care Act had no impact on them. 27% of Americans said it hurt them and 16% said it helped. Ironically in his attempt to undermine ACA, Rove showed more in favor of Obamacare than the survey even did. 

I'll admit, someone with color blindness may be confused by the slightly different shades of green in Gallup's Obamacare survey. But then there's the numbers beside the lines for clarity. And where exactly was the fact-checker at WSJ? Out to lunch?

It's not the first time the former adviser to President W. Bush lacked reading comprehension: something Americans more frequently applied to his boss. Apparently, Bush is more intelligent than we thought. Good thing we'll always have this montage of Bushisms for nostalgia's sake. 

In 2012, Rove threw a hissy fit when Fox News ignored his calculations that Ohio would elect Republican candidate Mitt Romney over Obama, ultimately achieving enough electoral votes to win the presidency. 

When no one believed his assessment of Ohio's election data, Rove stormed off, urging Fox anchor Megyn Kelly to chase him down backstage, where he wasn't. Instead, Rove reappeared on set to kick the dead horse as balloons rained on supporters at Obama's Chicago Headquarters. 

Awkwardly, the fiasco was live as a superimposed headline scrolled across everyone's tv screens: "Barack Obama Re-elected President". 

The next open enrollment for health insurance is November 15. According to Karl Rove, that's in 700 bajillion days.