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14 May 2013

Married Rate For Same Sex Couples at Esurance

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Married Rate For Same Sex Couples at Esurance

    Esurance, a self-proclaimed (or John Krasinski-proclaimed) modern company for the modern world, announced that they are with the times by offering discounted married rates for same sex partners. When couples share the same policy for auto insurance, married rate discounts may be 15%, savings which will come in handy next year when Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) mandates every American: gay, straight, uninsured get health insurance or pay an annual tax.

    For LGBT partners to enjoy this married rate discount is another victory for the marriage equality movement. Just yesterday, Minnesota became the 12th state to legalize gay marriage. While rural states progress, major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles continue pushing marriage equality's return to California. Unfortunately, the same progression can't be said for all states.

    Departments of Insurance in Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, and Florida haven't approved married rates to domestic partnerships, however all same-sex couples in other states may enroll immediately.

    Since 2010, under Commissioner of Insurance, Dave Jones' declaration, Californians may write in "spouse" where before only "husband" or "wife" could be on insurance forms. This permits domestic partners or, during the brief window California permitted it, gay married couples to rightfully claim their marriage status and receive deep discounts on their insurance.

    When it comes to car insurance, two of Esurance's rivals, State Farm and Allstate, offer the same equivalent discount to domestic partners or same-sex married couples as to their hetero counterparts.

    What sets Esurance apart from its rivals is the chance they're giving voters to select which LGBT charities Esurance will donate $100,000.

    The charities are: the Trevor Project, which aims to prevent gay youth suicide, GLAAD, which promotes the rights of America's LGBT society through mass media,  and PFLAG, which promotes education and advocacy through the voices of friends, family, and parents of gays and lesbians. To participate in this vote, please visit Esurance's facebook page.

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