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02 July 2013

Los Angeles Schools Paid to Teach Kids Obamacare

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Los Angeles Schools Paid to Teach Kids Obamacare

    Yes, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will use $900,000 to recruit Obamacare soldiers to sell insurance to their parents. That's how the news is being spun today. Way back in March, Covered California, our state's health Exchange, divvied up $43 million federal dollars to organizations who best outlined their Obamacare education strategies. The goal: to promote the healthcare reform law so the most people sign up for affordable health insurance in 2014. It wasn't until recently, when conservative shock jock and Obamacare opponent, Rush Limbaugh name-dropped Covered California that Angelenos took a closer look at where the money went.

    Just this week Rush called out Covered California for awarding LAUSD nearly a million dollars to train teenagers to school parents on the Affordable Care Act. He referred to Covered California's website, where each grantee briefly described how the award money would be spent. Check out LAUSD's synopsis below, which is all the information we have to go by so far:

    Assuming this outreach begins when school resumes this fall is all we can do at the moment. No adult in his right mind would imagine teens lining up for Obama's Summer School, after all.  Next year,  teenage messengers may be force-fed healthcare reform during school hours or sign up for after school programs by their own free will: who knows? Will some students be shocked to see Obamacare 101 on next year's schedule? Will practice health insurance applications replace homework? It's just too early to say. So why react when we lack the syllabi?

    Extracurricular activities that empower kids might actually achieve Covered California's goal. Students may find out that their families qualify for subsidies (tax credits) to lower the cost for health insurance if they buy plans offered by Covered California. Did you know if your income is roughly between $11,000 and $43,000 you could get assistance paying for your coverage? Your tax dollars may very well be teaching others how to save money on health insurance next year. Don't you want to copy their homework so you can save too?