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07 June 2013

How to Find Affordable Health Insurance in Los Angeles

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How to Find Affordable Health Insurance in Los Angeles

    Before his trip to Los Angeles, President Obama touched base in San Jose Friday to praise California's health insurance Exchange known as Covered California. It was a quick but reaffirming pat on the back 2 weeks in the making. Just a fortnight ago, new healthcare plans offered by Covered California showed lower rates than predicted, confirming Obamacare's promise of cheaper plans with more benefits would be a reality. In case your office blocks youtube, preventing you from watching his speech, here's what you need to know:

    Covered California, the first organized Exchange in the country since the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) became law in 2010, also offers some of the most affordable health insurance. As reported 2 weeks ago, California's major carriers were pressured by Obamacare's regulations to draft  13 plans that competed against one another, therefore providing more benefits at a lower cost than almost all plans out there today.

    Can't wait to buy them? You just need to wait a few more months, but thanks for the enthusiasm. The Covered California marketplace aka Exchange, i.e., a website launching in October will offer plans that go into effect on January 1st, 2014. But that's not the only source to find them.

    Covered California will train thousands of Assisters and Navigators, i.e. tour guides to walk customers through new health care plans. Unfortunately, as required by law they cannot explicitly recommend one plan over another. Instead, they'll leave the decision up to you.

    Unfortunately, these Assisters and Navigators will only have a week of training and may not be able to understand or answer every question raised to them, especially in the ever-changing complex world of health insurance. Yes, Obamacare makes insurance more affordable and transparent, but there are still dozens of pages in PDF or on paper of new plans to pour over.

    This is why experienced health insurance brokers will rise to the occasion. Haronian Insurance has over 26 years of experience and consistently wins the "Premiere Provider" title through major carriers, like Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California. It's okay to pat yourself on the back every once in a while. We're proud to be helping families, small businesses, and individuals find excellent insurance at a great rate. But let's be honest, if Obama showed up to our office to toot our horn (far cry from reality), the president's pat would take precedence. Still nice to think about.

  Have a great weekend! And if you have any questions about health insurance, Covered California, or Obamacare, feel free to call 818.251.5000!