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14 July 2014

Does Obamacare Pay for Medical Marijuana?

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Does Obamacare Pay for Medical Marijuana?

As approval ratings get high on legalizing medicinal pot, Americans wonder, "Does Obamacare pay for medical marijuana or will it soon?".

Having an insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act is like having the Munchies. In every bag are 4 essential snacks: Rold Gold pretzels, Doritos, Cheetos, and Sun Chips just like in every Obamacare insurance plan there are 10 Essential Benefits: birth control (despite some exceptions due to Hobby Lobby), prescription drugs, preventive care, etc.

So if anyone with insurance has access to pain medicine, why is a drug that eases pain like medical marijuana not covered by insurance companies?

Until marijuana is declassified from a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, insurance companies can't even flirt with the idea of pot prescriptions, even if President Obama flirted with the chance to smoke a joint in Colorado.

According to the US Justice Department, marijuana and other drugs in its class have no health benefits. Contrary to the federal stance, 23 states and Washington DC have legalized medical marijuana.

Even if declassified, marijuana would still be considered experimental medicine, which is expensive for providers to pay for. But like any experimental drug, you can find out how to get into marijuana research studies by the government. No they won't nark on you.

If enough people find marijuana clinical trials (snacks included!), marijuana legalization could be on the ballot as soon as 2016. Ever wanted to serve your country? There are dozens of free open studies in most states, including California of course. 

The final test is whether insurance providers find pot is easier and cheaper to manufacture than even generic drugs, which could save them and you on prescriptions - the whole point of the Affordable Care Act. Considering an old lady can grow this pot plant she found at a flea market without even realizing what it was, I imagine marijuana can be made for less than pills.

54% of Americans support marijuana legalization and even Hillary Clinton herself approves the availability of medical marijuana if research justifies it.

In other words, your participation in clinical trials could help define Hillary's stance on marijuana. You read it here first: Hillary Clinton wants you to try pot so she can run for president. 

Did I forget to answer your question? I must've had the Munchies. No Obamacare doesn't pay for medical marijuana. For now.