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14 August 2014

Does Covered California Include Adult Dental Insurance?

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Does Covered California Include Adult Dental Insurance?

The average health insurance premium, at least for Covered California plans, will only rise 4% next year; way down from 2014's increase of 22% to 88%. That's after you factor in financial assistance. What about costs for adult dental insurance? Now that's a trick question. 

Last year adults complained they couldn't get dental coverage through Covered California. Pediatric dental was an essential benefit bundled in every plan, but anyone over 18 had to buy private insurance to see a dentist. 

According to Covered California's Director, Peter Lee, family and adult dental coverage will finally be offered through the exchange next year, albeit as supplemental insurance. 

Since the coverage will be add-on and not an "essential benefit" like pediatric dental, subsidies aka tax credits will not help pay for it. The costs haven't been determined, but will likely be disclosed by open enrollment season, which starts November 15, 2014. 

During open enrollment anyone can buy or switch insurance plans until February 15, 2015.

For now, early shoppers can see proposed rates for 2015-2016 here. Keep your eyes and mouth open for Covered California dental insurance details.