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15 May 2013

Covered California Grant Awards Announced

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Covered California Grant Awards Announced

    May I have the envelope please! And the winners for the Covered California grant  for education and outreach totaling $43 million are the following: Well to be honest, the list is too long to post here but includes 48 organizations in California with backgrounds in education and outreach programs to deliver healthcare reform messages this year. You can see the full list by visiting Covered California's website here.

    By October 1st, 2013, each state must operates its own Exchange. Covered California, our state's Exchange, will use a combination of public booths, canvassers called "Assisters" and "Navigators", and their website to enroll millions of Californians in quality, affordable healthcare as mandated by Obamacare (Affordable Care Act).

    Unknown by many (which is exactly the reason for funding so many education programs), if individuals or families purchase health insurance through the Exchange they may qualify for subsidies (tax credits) to knock off a percentage of the cost for health insurance. This discount is automatically applied to your health insurance premium when you purchase health insurance through the Exchange. But before that time comes, Californians must endure a summer of education and advertisement heralding the Exchanges and benefits of enrollment.

    While specific details as to how the 48 Grantees will spend $43 million have not been released, brief outlines are available to see how each Grantee will target key demographics who lack health insurance: Latinos, Pacific Islanders, African Americans, to name a few.  One Grantee who received $1 million in grants, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC), outlined a strategy to target residents in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Alameda County by conducting after school programs, reaching out to English As a Second Language (ESL) adult classes, and promoting healthcare enrollment through town halls meetings.

    Of the 48 Grantees, 42 put Los Angeles on its radar for education. Over 28% (2.7 million) Los Angeles residents lack health insurance. Latinos, who are the largest benefactors of health insurance subsidies through Exchanges, are targeted by 37 outreach programs, 32 programs will eye African Americans, Caucasians will be reached out by 24, and 11 for Middle Easterners. Don't feel left out no matter what background you're from, Obamacare messages will be ringing in your ears soon enough!

    For more questions about healthcare reform or to see if you qualify for subsidies, call 818.251.5000. Just want a free quote? Click below!