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15 July 2013

California's Health Exchange Begins Training Educators

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    Summer school is here! That's what's written on the many calendars of organizations who will begin outreach and education for the Affordable Care Act (ACA, "Obamacare") this season. In May, dozens of organizations: unions, educational and government entities, and more received federal grant money to begin training in July by Covered California. Behold, Obamacare cynics: the school bus has arrived right on schedule.

    UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities, who received over $1 million for outreach toward spanish-speaking residents, began training last Monday and continues Certified Educator schooling on their campus this week. What's a Certified Educator and where can one ride such a whimsical learning shuttle as seen above?

    Grantees committed to spreading the benefits of ACA will undergo 3 days of training to become Certified Educators. By this fall, over 2000 Certified Educators will know the ins and outs of healthcare reform to approach uninsured Californians and persuade them to get coverage: the goal of the Affordable Care Act. What other organizations applied for Certified Educator status? Anaheim Health Medical Center (AHMC) in San Gabriel received $500,000 to attract college students and families via health fairs to show off the new health law and its benefits. They will also be training Certified Educators this week.

    Covered California, the state's Exchange aka marketplace, will offer new plans starting October 1st with 10 essential health benefits and tax credits for those who qualify to lower the costs for health insurance. Catch up on class today by following our Covered California coverage here!