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19 May 2014

Allstate Studied Drivers by Zodiac Sign and Apologized

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Allstate Studied Drivers by Zodiac Sign and Apologized

(Brought to you by an equal opportunity Aquarius and car insurance agent in Canoga Park)

You're in good hands with Allstate. Just don't ask them for a palm reading.

Several moons ago, Allstate compared driving habits by zodiac signs, intending to humor and not scare customers into believing their rates would go up like their rising sign. 

Even a phony Los Angeles fortune teller could predict where this would go: an immediate PR apology.

The study is nonetheless great to read for anyone who takes astrology seriously and needs good auto insurance in Los Angeles, home of incompatible zodiac signs and drivers. 

Virgos beware: Allstate found you most likely to cause accidents, labeling "the Virgin drivers" that caused 200,000 accidents in 2010 as "worried and shy". Apparently "worried" translated to "so scared of getting pulled over for your Virgo decal that you forgot to use turn signals."

(Chart by Allstate)

Interestingly, Allstate was "Progressive" (sorry for the insurance puns) by including the newly-established sign Ophiuchus for those born between November 29 and December 17. These drivers are apparently "lucky, wise", and the second least dangerous drivers in 2010 behind Scorpios.

Labeled as "resourceful", Scorpios might live up to their personality trait if they drive anything like this guy. The water sign only dampened drivers' days with 26,000 accidents in 2010. 

Allstate not only apologized for the misunderstanding, but made up for it with an even better company policy, which is real: allowing gay couples the same discounts as married couples. 

Esurance and State Farm also adapted the same sex couple discount. They're not inflexible like a Leo but gracious like a Libra.