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18 June 2014

5 Most Creative Rolls for International Sushi Day

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5 Most Creative Rolls for International Sushi Day

Today is International Sushi Day and if you've visited the best sushi restaurants in Los Angeles, you probably knew how unhealthy sushi was when you left with more "rolls". Mayonnaise, sodium-filled soy sauce, white rice, and deep fried rolls are delicious, but defeat sushi's healthy reputation. 

Sashimi is a fish-only alternative and relatively healthier, albeit with risk of containing more Mercury. It doesn't have its own holiday, though.

The following original sushi rolls are neither healthy nor made with the previously-mentioned ingredients, but should still be enjoyed if this is your first International Sushi Day. 

Candy Sushi

Food explorer and Dumb & Dumber aficionado, Kim Becker earned her namesake "MommyKnows" from out-smarting your dad with such recipes as: Kool-Aid hair dye and sushi made from Swedish fish, rice crispy treats (for rice - brilliant!), and fruit roll up "seaweed". If only she could do something with Petey the Parakeet's head. 

Cowboy Sushi

Alternatively, "Redneck Sushi" combines dill pickles, cream cheese, and just before we throw in some cigarettes; Buddig Beef, a deli meat sold in the Midwest. Apparently if you're feeding a cowboy, he won't eat anything without cream cheese, you know; the food product synonymous with Philadelphia, Texas. 

Hot dog Sushi

 During the Korean War, rations of Spam were delivered to American soldiers, many of whom were married to Korean locals. The wives would cook the processed meat (a "delicacy"), vegetables, and whatever rations they could find into "budae jjigae" or "army base stew". Generations later, hot dogs and Spam wrapped into sushi rolls called "Kimbap" are to every Korean Baptist church picnic as lemon squares are to every Protestant potluck. 

Lego Sushi

Edible for Ages 6+. What other recipe calls for Storm Troopers, a pirate flag,  and those little orange flames I always lose? Oh yeah: "Budae jjigae". 

Obama Sushi

Okay, this one has fish. But why not celebrate the penultimate sushi day with Obama in office by eating him? Made of shrimp, fish paste, and black sesame, the Obama Roll is complimented by wasabi, soy sauce, and MSNBC.