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05 June 2014

10 Most Wanted For Medicare Fraud at Large in Los Angeles

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10 Most Wanted For Medicare Fraud at Large in Los Angeles

The Affordable Care Act budgeted an additional $350 million over the next decade to crack down on Medicare fraud, saving an estimated $6 billion for the country, especially Los Angeles, where fraud occurs as often as Justin Bieber's apologies. 

Since the extra funding, the first big win for seniors occurred in October, 2010 when FBI agents arrested 73 members of an Armenian-American crime ring from Los Angeles, who duped Medicare over $163 million. 10 of the indited fugitives were from Burbank, Woodland Hills, Studio City, and Glendale, but their crime wave stretched over 25 states. 

By stealing social security numbers from nearly 3,000 Medicare patients and billing Medicare from non-existent "phantom" clinics, the heist thrived from 2008 till the crackdown. 

3 members are still at large and believed to be hiding in Los Angeles. But they aren't the only ones. 

Every year it seems a different guy from Los Angeles steals millions from Medicare. Does the FBI just assume good behavior from the "City of Angels?" 

In 2012, Dr. Juan Tomas Van Putten of Landera Heights, a community in Los Angeles county, was charged for $11 million in Medicare fraud. He recruited shady salesmen to write off expensive wheelchairs to patients who didn't need them and billed Medicare. 

In late 2012, pastor Charles Agbu of Carson, part of Los Angeles, pleaded guilty for conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud because he billed Medicare $11 million for fake perscriptions and expensive medical equipment. 

In 2013, acupuncture clinic owner, Won Suk Lee was arrested for billing Medicare $2.1 million for massages, which Medicare doesn't cover. He got away with it from 2006 until his arrest by writing off the procedures as "physical therapy". 

In 2014, Dr. Robert A Glazer pleaded guillted for billing Medicare for unnecessary high-powered wheelchairs in the amount of $33 million. 

Currently, there are 10 fugitives known for committing Medicare fraud in Los Angeles at large. 3 already mentioned are members of the Armenian-American crime ring.

Report these fugitives, whose pictures and details can be found on the Health and Human Services website: Nuritsa Grigoryan, Anush Sahakyan & Karo Gotti Blkhoyan, Ekaterina Shlykova, Gurgen Tsaturyan, Fentahun Belay Ferede, Gevork Aidinian, and Lilit Galstyan (aka Nina Galstyan), Julieta Ghazaryan, and Marine Movsisyan.