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20 November 2013

10 Etsy Gifts for Your Uninsured Friends

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    So your friends think they don't need insurance?

   Shop at Etsy. These Obamacare alternatives just may not provide any serious coverage:

1)  Annuvian Crystal Resonance Bed Healing System

Seller: IndigoMetalWorks

What is it? It's a bed rigged to hold rainbow crystals over the person (or galactic being of light) and balance Chakras. This "heals" you on a spiritual level.

What does it cover? Protects the body from old energy systems 

How much? $11,111.00

2)  Passive Aggressive Acrylic Painting

Seller: TravorONeil

What is it? Click to see for yourself.

What does it cover? That hole you punched in the wall after a billing dispute with your insurance carrier.

How much? $250,000.00 (or the salary of Stephen Hemsley, CEO of UHC)

3)  2-foot Amethyst Cathedral Geode

Seller: WhyteLightCrystals

What is it? If placed in your doorway it protects the owner from psychic attacks and transmutes energies to otherworldly realms without using bandwidth.

What does it cover? Home insurance and mental health

How much? $1,200.00

4)  Saturn Crystal Power Sphere

Seller: CrystalRemedies

What is it? This massage tool for pain relief can be rolled in your hands or gifted at weddings. Either way it might cure Lupus so tell Lady Gaga.

What does it cover? Travel insurance for astral projection

How much? $488.91 (or a round trip flight from Los Angeles to Boston)

5) Joe Biden Fridge Magnet (Viewer Discretion is Advised)

Seller: psychedelictara

What is it? This magnet reminds us of the Veep's cursing before President Obama spoke on the Affordable Care Act. Hipster friends without insurance would appreciate owning one to be ironic.

What does it cover? It insures your house will never lack a conversation piece.

How much? $3.99

6)  Garlic 14 Karat Rose Gold Pendant Charm

Seller: LiatWaldmanJewelry

What is it? Necklace with a golden garlic bulb.

What does it cover? Protects against golden vampires (Wooden stakes can't pierce 'em)

How much? $950.00

7)  OBAMACARE Survival Kit

Seller: TheJunkDynasty

What is it? It's literally a 1977 Fisher Price Medical Kit.

What does it cover? In case your friends ask why you can't pay your medical bills, use this alibi: "I spent 2 grand on a gimmicky toy instead of an insurance plan."

How much? I just told you: $2,000.00

8)  Haunted High Priest Vessel

Seller: MalikAzarus

What is it? The owner claims many items were acquired by risking his life but doesn't go far enough to say this is one of them.

Either way, the item binds the most powerful Zoroastrian High Priest like Robin Williams in a lamp. No guarantee He will sing Persian show tunes.

What does it cover? Blocking negative energies and spirits

How much? $13,333.00 (but he will barter over its "spiritual value")

9)  Alien Wedding Course

Seller: JelilaHealing

What is it? In ancient Sumeria, the alien race of Annunaki influenced early humans to feel desperate for money.

This personal transformation course book and set of healing music cds intends to mind wipe your dependency on currency. Though it may ironically incline you to need more cash after blowing $1000.

What does it cover? Should an alien Suze Orman judge mankind's frugality, this purchase will protect one lucky buyer from humiliation.

How much? $1,100.00

10)  Passive Aggressive Obamacare Greeting Cards

Seller: eyedot

What is it? For insurance agents who lack empathy, mail these cards and see how few clients they attract.

What does it cover? In case you can't recite excerpts of the Affordable Care Act to debunk death panel rumors, use these as pwnage on your conservative friends.

How much? $7.50

26 June 2013

Penalties for Using Plastic or Lacking Insurance in 2014

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Penalties for Using Plastic or Lacking Insurance in 2014

    January 1st, 2014 marks the date we all must be a little more responsible... or pay the price. If you're a taxpayer in Los Angeles you already contribute $2 million a year to clean up one-time-use plastic bags, which pollute the ocean, strangle sea turtles, and repel the occasional LA precipitation for the homeless. But we won't have as much of a tax burden for picking up plastic next year, since the bags will be banned. Instead, we'll hand out 10 cent fees for paper bags or settle on reusable totes.

    The other fee we can all look forward to beginning January 1st: a "shared responsibility payment" if we don't buy health insurance according to the individual mandate by the Affordable Care Act. This is colloquially known as the "Obamacare tax". So let me get this straight. By 2014 I’m required to have coverage for my health but banned to have coverage for homeless people in the rain, i.e. plastic bags? That is correct.

    For those who don't buy health insurance, the penalty is a mere $96 on next year’s tax return. That escalates quickly to $325 if you don’t get coverage in 2015, and later $695 if you’re not insurance in 2016. Starting January 1st, 2014, large businesses that employ over 50 are required to offer affordable insurance or pay $2000 for each uninsured employee. Affordable insurance by Obamacare standards is a plan that costs the worker less than 9.5% of his or her annual wages and pays more than 60% of the cost of benefits. Businesses employing that employ less than 50 are exempt.

    Similarly by January 1st, 2014, large retailers who gross $2 million a year must stop using one-time-use plastic bags or pay an undisclosed fine. Why aren’t their “shared responsibility payments” posted already? Smaller stores are ordered to ban plastic bags by July 1st of 2014. The alternative for consumers: pay 10 cents for a paper bag or buy a tote. That’s not as bad as a monthly insurance premium.

    Luckily, Obamacare has got the middle to low income people covered. If your employer doesn’t offer insurance or your current plan isn’t deemed affordable, as defined earlier, you qualify for subsidized insurance plans. Subsidies are offered to qualified individuals and families whose income is 100% and 400% Federal Poverty level (for individuals: between $11,000 and $44,000; for families of 4: between $47,000 and $97,000).

    These subsidies slash the cost of health insurance. For example: a family of 4 who makes $88,000 annually would pay $12,000 for an annual plan. Obamacare subsidies would provide $4000 in subsidies, lowering their monthly premium to $700.

    You can calculate your subsidy amount if you enroll in an Exchange insurance plan. Only insurance plans offered by Covered California, the state "Exchange" created by Obamacare provide subsidies. Click the calculator to know your subsidy! Or click here to make plastic bags into grocery totes!


12 June 2013

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Timeline

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The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Timeline

Enjoy this beautiful excel spreadsheet if you're feeling confused about Obamacare (Affordable Care Act). We get a lot of attention for covering all you need to know about health insurance, so keep coming at us with questions!

This guide covers everything from the implementation of the bill in 2010 to when the biggest changes beginning January 1st, 2014.

Included are the statewide Exchanges (ours is called Covered California), which open October 1st, 2013. If you live in Los Angeles, feel free to stop by for a tangible copy of our timeline!

If you feel your current plan is too expensive, beginning this fall new options like tax credits (subsidies) can lower the costs for individuals, families, and small businesses. Be sure to ask us ahead of time so we can get your ducks in a row and get the affordable health insurance you need!

Click below for a fast quote today! Or call us at 818.251.5000!


07 June 2013

How to Find Affordable Health Insurance in Los Angeles

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How to Find Affordable Health Insurance in Los Angeles

    Before his trip to Los Angeles, President Obama touched base in San Jose Friday to praise California's health insurance Exchange known as Covered California. It was a quick but reaffirming pat on the back 2 weeks in the making. Just a fortnight ago, new healthcare plans offered by Covered California showed lower rates than predicted, confirming Obamacare's promise of cheaper plans with more benefits would be a reality. In case your office blocks youtube, preventing you from watching his speech, here's what you need to know:

    Covered California, the first organized Exchange in the country since the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) became law in 2010, also offers some of the most affordable health insurance. As reported 2 weeks ago, California's major carriers were pressured by Obamacare's regulations to draft  13 plans that competed against one another, therefore providing more benefits at a lower cost than almost all plans out there today.

    Can't wait to buy them? You just need to wait a few more months, but thanks for the enthusiasm. The Covered California marketplace aka Exchange, i.e., a website launching in October will offer plans that go into effect on January 1st, 2014. But that's not the only source to find them.

    Covered California will train thousands of Assisters and Navigators, i.e. tour guides to walk customers through new health care plans. Unfortunately, as required by law they cannot explicitly recommend one plan over another. Instead, they'll leave the decision up to you.

    Unfortunately, these Assisters and Navigators will only have a week of training and may not be able to understand or answer every question raised to them, especially in the ever-changing complex world of health insurance. Yes, Obamacare makes insurance more affordable and transparent, but there are still dozens of pages in PDF or on paper of new plans to pour over.

    This is why experienced health insurance brokers will rise to the occasion. Haronian Insurance has over 26 years of experience and consistently wins the "Premiere Provider" title through major carriers, like Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California. It's okay to pat yourself on the back every once in a while. We're proud to be helping families, small businesses, and individuals find excellent insurance at a great rate. But let's be honest, if Obama showed up to our office to toot our horn (far cry from reality), the president's pat would take precedence. Still nice to think about.

  Have a great weekend! And if you have any questions about health insurance, Covered California, or Obamacare, feel free to call 818.251.5000!



31 May 2013

Who Do We Trust To Judge Obamacare?

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    Next month summer begins. So does an education war by the government to put one thing on the front lines of everyone's mind: Obamacare (Affordable Care Act). So when the two major parties in our political system butt heads, Tea Partiers hone in on Michele Bachmann's talking head on Fox News, and that poor independent voter in Los Angeles scratches his head in search of non-partisan-funded studies online, who should everyone trust on Obamacare?

    From each political affiliation there is rhetoric to expect over the summer. Like a murder mystery, to find the truth we must inquire "Who benefits?" In other words, there are motives from every politician who speaks on Obamacare. Here's how you can judge who's living in reality or living in fallacy.

    As Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner once said Obamacare is the law of the land. He's also led Congress to vote 37 times to repeal Obamacare. But here's the stinker: in March Boehner sent the President this letter, refusing to select a 15-member panel (as mandated by Obamacare) that would keep Medicare spending under control. His justification was the panel might cut spending and reduce Medicare coverage. Admirable, right? Unfortunately, by declining to select a panel Republicans surrendered the mediation of Medicare spending to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, a key player in Obamacare's implementation in the first place. Does he even read the rules anymore or is Boehner spamming the (A) button on his Nintendo DS to simply skip the dialogue?

    In other words, Boehner's self-proclaimed duty, as mentioned in his letter, is to lead a party to vote entirely against Obamacare until it's erased from the books. This rules him out as a credible source to objectively judge Obamacare. If he attempts to school us on its benefits or malfeasances, ignore that elephant in the room. No pundit intended.

    Next up: President Obamacare. I mean, President Obama. It's just so easy to end his name with "care" when all you write is Obamacare. Speaking of which, his Affordable Care Act law was nicknamed after him, so he isn't expected to be squeaky clean by fact checker standards either.

    In February's State of the Union address, President Obama said healthcare spending has slowed since Obamacare became law in 2010. In fact, due to the recession preceding Obamcare's passage, jobs were lost and uninsured people stopped paying for healthcare they couldn't afford. That mainly contributed to slower spending. While the majority of Obamacare hasn't been implemented, it's hard to judge how much or if at all it's helped slow spending in healthcare.

    In other words, President Obama touting the benefits to a law with his namesake before the bulk of benefits even kicks in is equal to Ronald touting the Big Mac's health benefits before nutritionists prove it causes heart disease. Note: I'm not admitting Obamacare will give anyone health problems, just the spokesperson with his name on the product is obliged to support it subjectively.

    So who do what do we take from the Obamacare outreach this summer? As noted yesterday, self-proclaimed "independent" studies are often funded by political parties or corporations to mislead the public. Until 2014, when the Exchanges operate and most of Obamacare's regulations go into effect, find true non-partisan research at "" or Pulitizer Prize-winner Glenn Kessler's Factchecker, who's split almost 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats and gives both sides ratings between 1 and 4 Pinnochios. Also, Haronian Insurance strives to deliver the facts, so check us out too. And thanks for reading this far!

    Don't just blindly accept Obamacare outreach this summer, reach out and find facts yourself. After all is said or skewed, the only thing that interferes with learning is education.

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