Free Health Insurance Services

Free health insurance agents in Los Angeles are harder to find than free parking. Luckily, we have both.  

Who are we you ask? We're independent agents who are Covered California Certified. That means like Covered CA, we officially offer affordable health insurance under Obamacare. Unlike Covered California, we also provide private individual, family, and group insurance under the same roof. Why go anywhere else? 

When Californians struggled with glitches last year, owner Edmond Haronian said, "Ask an agent for help!" on Los Angeles Channel 4 News. (Oct 30, 2013) 

"No wait time, no operator; in other words, no headaches like Covered California." ~ Los Angeles Times

Covered California congratulated Haronian for becoming a top agent and enrolling a 1,000 last year alone.

It's easy to see why Los Angeles wouldn't be the same without Haronian Insurance. Just look at our new building in Canoga Park, which resembles a health insurance enrollment fortress.

Don't be intimidated. Walk-ins are welcome. Tambien se habla espanol.

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